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Matthew & Annalise showed up at their engagement session looking like they just walked off the cover of Jcrew magazine! Matthew in his tailored suit and Annalise in her gorgeous bright blue lace dress ready to take on the world if necessary. Thankfully, all they had to take on was a fun, painless engagement session. […]

Aeryk called it his “best-dressed semester” in college. It was the semester he had speech class with Ella. They had met in the past and Aeryk had even gone so far as to ask Ella out. But that offer had gone by the wayside with a (kind) “no.” But now he would see her in […]

January is usually a slower time for us. It’s a time that we get to reflect on another crazy year that just finished. It’s a time for us to prepare for another marathon year! It’s usually a slow time because typically,¬†it’s cold! But this year has been different. Outside of our beautiful¬†snowy wedding early in […]

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