Daniel & Morgan Maternity Life Session

We’d be hard pressed to find a couple that we love more than these two. We remember the first time we met Daniel & Morgan. Daniel had just returned from Arizona, playing Alabama in the Championship game in 2016. He sat on our couch, and to be honest, as a lineman, we weren’t sure he had enough room with all of those pillows crowding him (p.s. He gets skinnier every time we see him now!). Sweet Morgan, though tiny next to his bulky frame, had the biggest personality, and to this day, is one of the most friendly, genuine and engaging people we know. They left our house that first meeting, and we had 2 thoughts: we think we just met our BFFs and Alyssa is going to need a stool for this wedding. Hahaha!

We photographed their engagement session, Morgan’s bridal session, their wedding day celebration, their anniversary session, and this year, their maternity session. We’ll get to meet their sweet baby boy when he arrives, and we cannot wait! But our relationship with these two expands far beyond the camera. They’ve been a part of our planning meetings for our RA Couples parties, we’ve spent the day at the lake with them (and their families!), they were some of the first ones who shared in our joy when we found out we were pregnant, and cried with us when we told them we lost our baby. We were there when Morgan first opened her business running The Tutoring Center on Pelham Road, they’ve extended to us an open invitation to tailgate at Clemson games, and, believe it or not, we still have NOT made it to mini golf, even though we’ve talked about it for the last 2 years. (Note to self!) And now, with babies who will be about 11 months apart, we’re planning backyard bbq’s this summer, date nights, and probably a few lake days thrown in there. And we live just down the road from them!

These are our people. There’s nothing else to say. Daniel & Morgan, if it’s not apparent enough already, we love you guys! You two are going to be the most amazing parents to sweet little Dach. We cannot wait to watch you both transition into this new role – thank you for giving us front row seats. Daniel, you are going to be the best role model for your son, and Morgan, your sweet boy has no idea how lucky and blessed he is to have you to call Mom. Love you three!

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