Tyler & Michelle | Charleston Engagement

Oh Charleston. How do we love thee? Let us count the ways!

Ok so we won’t count the ways but there are a lot! We live 3.5 hours away from Charleston and any time we get a chance to go down there we jump at the chance. So when Tyler and Michelle told us they wanted to do their engagement session in Charleston, we were so excited!

Charleston actually means quite a bit to Tyler & Michelle. They got engaged in Charleston. On a boat. In the water. In Charleston. How awesome is that!? Tyler had arranged for a boat ride with a sweet couple from Charleston. They got on the boat and headed out into the Atlantic waters. After a few minutes, Tyler suggested that they take a picture on the bow of the boat. Michelle was uneasy about it because she was afraid he might fall in the water. Thankfully she agreed and Tyler was able to propose on the bow of the boat. So romantic! HeĀ is a keeper for sure!

We had such a great time with these two and we can’t wait for their wedding in May! For now, a little preview of Tyler & Michelle’s gorgeous Charleston engagement session will hold us over. Enjoy!

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