The Day We Went From 2 Jobs To 1 Calling

We know where you are.

You are standing on the edge of what looks like a cliff from your perspective. You can’t be sure how steep the drop-off really is. There is a thick layer of fog obscuring your vision. You are about to make what feels like the biggest life-altering decision you have ever made. Questions swirl around in your mind, sucking up what little space for thought you have in your busy life. What will next year look like? For that matter, what will next week look like?! Can I support myself and my family if I run my business full-time?

Questions. Questions that are all very reasonable and wise and yet you feel like you are wrong to have them. You feel like you should believe in yourself. To jump or not to jump.

We’ve been there. We’ve had the daily discussions. Is it time? Is it right? Is it wise? Are we ready?

Maybe hearing a little bit of our story will give you courage to do what you know you should do. Maybe someone who want though what you are experiencing can help you pursue your dream with all the gusto you have within you.

2 years ago. 2 years ago today we decided it was time to pursue our dreams full-time. Both of us. On the same day. At the same time. Are we crazy or what?! We had been on the edge of quitting for weeks, probably more like months. We were just ready. We knew our calling and we were just waiting for the right time.

We were both working for the same company at that time. We had decided that it was for sure time for Alyssa to be done. We were still on the line about Ryan. Ryan had been wavering in his mind for quite some time between the desire to put all of his efforts into the business and wanting to make sure he provided for Alyssa. But when push came to shove, he knew in his heart that this business was our future.

We walked into our boss’s office and we put in our two weeks notice. Together. Simultaneously! We can’t tell you the feeling of going from 2 jobs to…well…in a way, 0 jobs. And yet at the same time, we were going from 2 jobs to 1 calling. And there’s nothing in this world like knowing you have found your calling!

2 years later we are shooting 30+ weddings a year and our income has doubled! We have truly been blessed. Don’t let anyone tell you that owning your own business is easy. Anyone who says that has never tried it! But every single ounce of hardship has resulted in a life more rewarding than we could ever have imagined.

Friend, we aren’t saying that today is your Q-Day (aka what we call the day you quit, a day that will live in infamy…in a good way!). It might not be your time yet. That’s a decision everyone must make after careful thought and (we believe) prayer. But to help you out, here’s a list of questions we think you should ask yourself before you make that jump!

And when it’s your time to jump, whether that’s today, tomorrow or 2 years from now, jump with everything you’ve got! Don’t hold back! Life is what you make it, so make it great!

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