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Over the past 4 years since we quit our jobs to grow a wedding photography business full-time, we have learned so many valuable lessons. We could write a book on the business practices we have learned by experience! And one of the principles we have learned the hard way is generally summed up like this: […]

Traveling. When we use that word at home, we’re talking about getting on a plane, in a car, on a boat or really any other form of transportation for the purpose of relocating to a new place temporarily. We have done quite a bit of it since we’ve been married. We went on a 7-night […]

We have been going non-stop with weddings in the last few months. It’s that time of the year after all! To see the weddings we have been up to lately, check them out here! But when we are in the thick of wedding season, it’s always incredibly refreshing to have an engagement session scheduled. Don’t get […]

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