Our 2015 Thankful Pledge

We are storytellers. We tell stories through images and through words on our blog.

And we use our blog to tell several different kinds of stories for different reasons. The first kind of story we tell is a love story. You usually see those as text accompanied with images of one of our amazing couples. Those are stories we love to tell! But we also tell another story through our blog: Our story. The story of Ryan & Alyssa and our journey through this thing called life.

We have an incredible list of items on our “thankful list” that we could never put into words! In fact, as we sat by the fireplace last night, hot chocolate in hand, we listed off as many as we could think of at the moment. We didn’t even scratch the surface.

So instead of listing out the things we are thankful for, we are making a pledge. We are making a pledge to be thankful for moments. We are pledging to be more conscious of the special moments while we are in them. We are pledging to write them down.

So next year’s Thanksgiving post will be filled with specific moments between now and then that moved us, touched us and showed us that we truly have no reason to spend one ungrateful moment. We have everything we need. We are blessed by our Creator. We want to be able to remember that fact when it seems like the world is crashing down around us.

We can’t wait for this post a year from now!!! We hope you will make a conscious effort to write down the moments of your life this year that deserve special thankfulness! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!


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