Ben & Meisha Industrial Engagement Greenville, SC

Back in January, our inbox dinged signalling an inquiry had some in. As we opened up the email, we read the following blurb from Meisha:

“Like the two of you, Ben & I have a storybook, too cute to be true how we met story. Ben Is a firefighter & was on the truck that responded to my car accident a few years ago. We have been together ever since.”

Ummmm, what?! We couldn’t wait to hear more about that story, and keep reading, because it doesn’t disappoint.

Meisha said, “it wasn’t how either of us planned that Tuesday to go!” but it turned out to be the most memorable and best Tuesday, ever, because it brought them together. Meisha puts in a ton of hours on the road, and on that particular Tuesday, she happened to be in the Spartanburg area. Someone didn’t see her, and turned into her car, leaving it undrivable. Ben was on shift that day at the fire department, and he and his¬†crew responded to the call. He saw how distraught she was, and tried to distract her. He looked Meisha up a few days later on Facebook, and messaged her to see if she got her rental car squared away, and if she was doing okay after what happened earlier that week. Ben knew she didn’t have any family in town, and wanted to check in! He waited a few days, then asked her out, and that was that.

They¬†eloped on their original wedding date last October (three years to the day they met!) and are planning a big celebration this fall! It’s going to be a fabulous day with Clink! Events, and we can’t wait!

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