Braden & Jessi | Anniversary Session

Oh these two! Alyssa met Jessi at a women’s group in Greenville called Pursuit 31 last year. They bonded¬†instantly over a love for dogs, photography, dogs, all things coffee, and serving brides and grooms…and dogs. And before they knew it they were planning a time for all 4 of us to get together and hang out!

Fast forward about 4 months due to busy schedules and rain and it finally happened! So we head out to a field and do what photographers who get together are supposed to do…take pictures! Now, first you have to know that Ryan and Braden are exactly alike in at least one aspect: They are not big into getting their picture taken. Do we hear any amens from other guys out there?! We thought so. However, they were both so kind and loving to go along with the plan Alyssa and Jessi had hatched (you can probably tell who wrote that part).

But at the end of the day, we really had a great time. We truly did! And did we mention their last name? NICHOLS! Whaaaat?! They’re basically like part of our family here people!!!

Braden & Jessi, we can’t wait to hang out again soon. You are like our sister and brother from another mother! We are¬†sure we are related somehow, right? And maybe we will get the 28″ pizza next time! Enjoy these images. You guys are amazing truly models and we are so excited that we get to call you our newest friends!


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