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If you ever meet Caroline, you’ll find out a few things right off the bat. First, she absolutely LOVES anything Lilly Pulitzer. In fact, anytime we’re out shopping (which, for Alyssa, is almost weekly!), and we see some Lilly we IMMEDIATELY think, “Oh Caroline would just LOVE this!” Without fail. This simply means she has some pretty […]

Oh sweet, Michelle! You might remember Tyler & Michelle’s Lace House wedding back in May, or even their incredible engagement session in Charleston! And just last week, on their 2 month anniversary, we got Michelle back in front of our cameras for her bridal session! While typically our brides schedule their bridal session about one […]

We don’t even know where to start with Christa. We have known her for several years now as a fellow photographer in Greenville. So when she contacted us about doing a portrait session for her new brand, we were beyond excited! With a sweet smile, an adorable personality and a style sense that would make […]

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