Cliffs at Glassy Mountaintop Surprise Proposal Frankie & Casey

Typically, our first contact with our wedding couples is in the form of an inquiry through our website. They tell us how excited they are, give us their date and ask if we are available! That’s the beginning of the story of our relationship with them. But we know that so many aspects of their story happened way before we ever knew them.

That’s one of the reasons we love proposals! We get to be part of a few more big moments of their story. And Frankie and Casey are the perfect example of that! Two days before the proposal, we met Frankie up at the Cliffs at Glassy mountaintop in the POURING rain to show him where to take Casey so that they could get beautiful photos of that special moment. Two days later, there they were (on a perfect, NON-raining day!) celebrating a huge milestone on their lives together with their families!

We are so blessed to do what we do on a daily basis. Frankie & Casey, thank you for letting us be a little part of your story so far and we hope to be able to capture more of your story!

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