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Coming off of a 7-wedding May, our accelerator is to the floor. There are days where we can’t comprehend the sheer mountain of work we have accomplished in the last month. We are so thankful for the grace and strength that has been supplied to us. But we are also thankful for the couples who have let us into their lives. Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves to make sure that indeed these amazing people are choosing us to be a part of their special day. They put a LOT of faith in us. They trust us. And we would be lying if we said we didn’t feel the pressure. We do. Oh boy let us tell you, we feel it. But only under pressure can we do our best work. So we are so thankful for our #racouples for this year.

When we turned the corner after the screaming May that we had just come out of, we were SO glad to see Dave & Marsha waiting for us at the beginning of June! Dave & Marsha have a special place in our hearts. We have had Dave & Marsha on our schedule for quite some time. We met with them for the first time over 2 YEARS AGO! We can still remember meeting them at a little Dunkin Donuts between Greenville & Easley, South Carolina as they were planning for their May 2014 (yes, 2014) wedding. We fell in love with them right away. Then, due to extenuating circumstances, they had to move their wedding date to 2015. So in April of 2014 (almost a year after our first meeting!) they reached out to us again and we were soooo excited to hear from them again! They were even considering a date that we had already booked for 2015 and they decided to CHANGE to another date so that we could be there! Although we are sure that’s not the only reason they were willing to move it, we still feel so blessed that they were that excited to have us at their wedding! Dave & Marsha are the kind of couples that give us the energy and motivation to get up every morning and work like maniacs! We love them so much!!!

Their wedding day finally came and it did not disappoint! They chose the gorgeous Bleckley Inn, one of our favorite venues! Their florals were absolutely amazing and the decor was stunning. They are both SUPER artistic and that showed up big time! You could see their artistic eyes in the details of the wedding day from every little sign they put up to the programs to the amazing attention to color detail. Dave & Marsha made our job easy. Seriously. We are convinced they were both models in another life because they have the most awesome “smolder” look, the one where they give us their serious faces. They are amazing at it! All-around, Dave & Marsha’s wedding was one of our favorites of this year for sure and we are so excited to share it with you!

Dave & Marsha, you guys are the bomb dot com. We hope you love these images as much as we love you!

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Photography: Ryan & Alyssa Photography
Venue: Bleckley Inn
Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Cynthia Phillips
Florist: Frilly Bloomers
Hair: Tiger Cuts
Bride’s Dress: Enzoani from Dimitra Designs
Groom/Groomsmen Suit: Dimitra Designs
DJ: Formal Affair
Catering: Sullivan’s Metropolitan Grill
Cake: Holly’s Cakes

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