Dillon & Molly Fall Engagement Spartanburg, SC

We had such a great time with Dillon & Molly! They laughed at Ryan’s dumb jokes, they were so quick to learn every pose and they have the best smiles! We always have a great time, but we also know that photo sessions are not everyone’s most enjoyable activity (although, come on guys, it’s not bad!). But we got a text from Molly after we left saying that they had an amazing time and that Dillon, who doesn’t normally like to take photos, really enjoyed hanging out with us!

Well that’s a big win for us! Part of what we try to do is make the entire process enjoyable. And if everyone has a good time, then we know we’ve done a large part of our job!

Molly, Dillon, you guys are so sweet and we can’t wait for your wedding so soon! Enjoy this little peek at your session!

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