Why Today Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas

Today is Christmas!!! But somehow, it doesn’t feel like Christmas.

Now before you go calling us the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, here’s why it this year seems a little bit different!

#1. We just got back from a trip to Miami.

Miami, as you probably know is located in the southern tip of Florida, USA, North America in the Year Of Our Lord 2015. And you might also know that temperatures in Florida this time of year are nothing like the temperatures in, say, The North Pole. Rather, they are more like summer temperatures for most of the USA. So after spending a week in Miami, it’s hard to get the normal Christmas “feeling” that you get when you are sipping hot chocolate by the fireplace. Not to mention that even in Greenville the temperatures are in the upper 60’s. Not exactly Christmas weather.

#2. We Haven’t Slowed Down.

Usually around Christmas time, there is a slight lull in our business. Inquiries slow a little bit because brides are busy with family. We rarely have a wedding the week of Christmas. We are usually in town during this time of year. But this year has been different. Much different! Inquiries have, if anything, picked up in the last few weeks! And we have booked some fantastic weddings with wonderful people! This year, we actually do have a Christmas wedding. It’s coming this Monday (our first-ever Monday wedding and we are so excited for this one!). and like we said earlier, we just got back into town from Miami! So things just haven’t slowed down for us at all! But hey, we like it that way!

#3. We Celebrated Christmas Early.

Our families are growing. Alyssa’s sisters are graduating from college and moving out. We have a nephew now. Schedules are tighter for everyone than ever before. So this year was different. We celebrated Christmas with Ryan’s family on the 22nd. Ryan’s sister was going to be out of town for Christmas day and we had just gotten back from our trip so that was the only day to get everyone together! We celebrated with Alyssa’s family yesterday because a few of her family were going to out of town today. So today, Christmas, it’s just us for most of the day!

So this year just seems different. But as Bob Dylan said, “The Times They Are A Changin’.” And there was never a more poignant example for us than Christmas this year.

But as we sat on the couch this morning watching Mia play with her newest toy, we were reminded that the meaning of Christmas isn’t dictated by schedules. The meaning of Christmas is Jesus. And we should celebrate Jesus every single day. Sure, it doesn’t seem like our nostalgic sense of what Christmas should be this year. But the meaning is still the same. Jesus came as a little baby. He died for us. He’s coming again. We can celebrate the truth of Christmas any time, anywhere! So this year, though our schedules are different, though we haven’t slowed down, and though it sometimes feels like summer, we celebrate Jesus! Merry Christmas to all from your friends, Ryan & Alyssa!


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