Family Lake Day 2015

Our families are amazing. We couldn’t do what we do without their support, their care, and their love. It’s family that volunteers to watch Mia when we’re away for 10+ hours at a wedding, or traveling out of state for a conference. Family schedules birthday parties and holiday get-togethers around our schedules, and they don’t think twice when we show up with gear in tow. And it’s our family that recognizes when we need a break, and invites us to do things like spend the day at the lake, where the only action items on the to do list are to 1) flip off the tube 2) soak up lots of sun and 3) laugh.

Last weekend was our last free Saturday before our fall season kicks into high gear, and Ryan’s family scheduled a day at the lake for us all to enjoy! We headed up to Lake Keowee with Mia in tow, and spent our time tubing, boating, jet skiing, snacking, and of course, snapped a few photos of our time away!

greenville-wedding-photographers_1024 greenville-wedding-photographers_1025

Disclaimer: yes, we realize we are sans life jackets. Completely unintentional and it was rectified for the rest of the day. However, with how hard Alyssa was gripping the tub handles, we weren’t going anywhere!


Uncle Ryan and Baby Andrew! He was borrowing a friend’s body suit so he could go out in the water as well. We’re sure he’s going to love that we put a picture of him in pink and flowers for the internet world to see!

greenville-wedding-photographers_1027 greenville-wedding-photographers_1028

The captain and little boater above just might be related!

greenville-wedding-photographers_1029 greenville-wedding-photographers_1030 greenville-wedding-photographers_1031 greenville-wedding-photographers_1032 greenville-wedding-photographers_1033 greenville-wedding-photographers_1034 greenville-wedding-photographers_1035

This weekend helped us to greater appreciate the limited time we have with family. We don’t get to see them nearly enough with our schedules, so being intentional with our time with them this weekend was wonderful!


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