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Let’s talk about the weather, shall we? Everyone loves a beautiful, sunshiny day don’t they? We all love to feel the warmth of the sun on a 65 degree day in early spring! It puts a little extra pep in your step. It somehow gives us energy. Sunny days are the best, right?!

By now, you may be wondering what this has to do with Jake & Kristen’s wedding. You may have checked the title of the post again to make sure you’re reading the right one. Well, you’ve got the right one! And the fact that we opened with the weather has nothing to do with Kristen & Jake’s wedding. And yet at the same time, it has everything to do with it! Ok now that you’re totally convinced that we are crazy, let us explain. You see, throughout our entire journey with Jake & Kristen, weather has played a major role. And, if you ask them, they will tell you, it wasn’t a good role. Every time, and we mean every single time we planned a session for them, it rained. We rescheduled their engagement session twice because of rain. We rescheduled Kristen’s bridal session once because of storms. It became a running joke!

Now, thankfully we got those sessions in and they turned out wonderfully! See their engagement session for example! But, as you can imagine, we were all watching the weather closely as their wedding approached. We had to find out if this was some kind of hocus pocus or just pure coincidence! As we approached the week of the wedding, sure enough our 10-day forecast called for rain. What did we all expect right?! We began to craft a “rain plan” for the photos (which isn’t too difficult at the beautiful Ryan Nicholas Inn!) and kept our eye on the weather at the same time. 2 days out. Still rain. 1 day out. Rain at 40%. Morning of the big day. Chance of rain 20%. Away we go.

When we arrived at the venue, something was different. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. We kid you not! Remember the 65 degree sunny day we talked about earlier? This was it!!! It was perfect! And as you will see below, the weather could not have been better! Jake & Kristen, the hocus pocus is broken! You did it! We finally had a perfect day for you guys and it couldn’t have come at a better time!

Enough about the weather. These two have been pure joy to work with from day one. You can read more about Jake & Kristen’s story here! Two quiet kids with huge hearts and love to match. We could never ask for a better couple to work with!!! Kristen & Jake, we love you guys to death. Kristen, you once told us that you didn’t see yourself as our typical bride. You felt that you didn’t have everything under control like everyone else seemed to. But we are here to tell you girl, if we had 100 brides just like you every single year, our hearts would burst with sheer joy!!! You are everything we could ever ask for, and even more than that, you are the perfect bride for Jake. We wish you forever happiness and joy! Enjoy this preview of your beautiful, sunny wedding day!

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Bride’s Shoes – Nina
Dress Boutique – Dimitra Designs
Dress Designer – Allure Bridals
Bridesmaids Dresses – Alfred Angelo
Cake – Couture Cakes
Caterer –  Ryan Nicholas Inn
Ceremony Venue – Ryan Nicholas Inn
DJ – Cliff Field
Floral Design – Dahlia A Florist and Sheri Norcini
Groom’s Tux – Vera Wang, Men’s Warehouse
Hair Stylist – Cotton Rouge
Invitations – Wedding Paper Divas
Makeup Artist – Cotton Rouge
Photographers – Ryan & Alyssa Photography
Photo Booth – Ken Thompson Photography
Reception Venue – Ryan Nicholas Inn
Videographer – Robert Watson McCoy Photo Video

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