Jamie & Caroline | Greenville Wedding

If we had favorites, this one would go down as one of our favorites of 2014!

Jamie & Caroline were made for each other. We began to see this early on in our relationship with them. We had scheduled their engagement session in the mountains. Everything was set. Caroline’s hair and makeup was done. They had the perfect outfits chosen. We were on our way. In fact, we were almost there. And then, we hit a roadblock. No, literally, the road was blocked. We weren’t able to get to the special spot they wanted. We felt so bad. All that planing had amounted to stopping on the side of the road and considering having to give it all up for that day. But that’s when their relationship shined through and their amazing attitudes showed the most. We all decided that we would drive back a little ways and get some photos in another location. They were disappointed. We knew that. But they didn’t let that ruin their day. In fact, they were incredibly happy! But as we learned along the way, that’s just the way these two are. Being together is all they need. Their love is evident to everyone.

We were still able to get some amazing images that day. And we even rescheduled more photos for another day. So they got a 2-for-1! And we knew right then and there that when we got to their wedding, it was going to be a great one. And indeed it was. They had a gorgeous day at Lenora’s Legacy. If you haven’t seen this venue you need to check it out! It’s has a beautiful little home surrounded by fields and a huge tree under which Jamie & Caroline got married! The great thing is that everything is all in one place. So no driving around from place to place. It’s all there!

Jamie and Caroline, we have had so much fun getting to know you guys. From meeting you at the Greenville Wedding Festivals, running into the road block, and all the way to your gorgeous wedding day, we have enjoyed every second of it! You two were made for each other. We hope you love these images as much as we do!



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