Jason & Tara Downtown Engagement Greenville, SC

Last weekend, we had a double-header. In wedding language, that means we had a wedding on back to back days! We always have a wonderful weekend, but we get sooooo tired when it’s all over! But we had Jason & Tara’s engagement session scheduled on the following Tuesday, so we knew we were going to have to bring the energy again even if we were tired because everyone deserves our best every single time no matter how we feel!

But when we got there, we very quickly realized that Jason & Tara were the perfect couple to hang out with under any circumstances. They are so relaxed, go-with-the-flow, joyful and friendly, we couldn’t help but have a blast with them! Not to mention how easy they were to work with! They are models! All thoughts of being tired dissolved after spending just the first 5 minutes with them!

We are so excited to see them again and we are even more excited for their Greenville wedding in November!!! Enjoy this little preview of their engagement session!

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