Keaton & Kyla | Greenville Wedding

Ever since Keaton & Kyla’s engagement session, we had been looking forward to this day! Keaton & Kyla are not the most outspoken people, but it seems like they have a connection that doesn’t require many words. They have a calm, quite confidence in each other. They can take one look into each others’ eyes and there is a calm assurance that, no matter what comes their way, everything is going to be alright. Keaton is a strong, confident guy. Kyla exhibits grace and style while leaning on Keaton’s strength. It’s a beautiful dynamic that we have had the pleasure of seeing a small part of over the last year.

We were so excited to see this wedding unfold because, though we get to spend a good bit of time with our couples, it’s when they get around their friends and family that we really get to see them shine! We had a glorious time being with their families and hearing more about the story of how Kyla & Keaton met. They met at camp one summer and never looked back. As the best man put it “Keaton kept telling us how amazing this girl was. But when we actually had the pleasure of meeting her, we found out exactly why.”

Keaton & Kyla, seeing your relationship has been a real treat for us! We have been honored to be a part of your journey and we can’t wait to share the rest of the gorgeous images with you!

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Photography: Ryan & Alyssa Photography
Videography: Famzing
Venue: Bleckley Inn
Florist: Kim Clark
Coordinator: Kim Clark
Bride’s Dress: Allure Bridals from Dimitra Designs
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Bari Jay from Dimitra Designs
Groom’s Suit: Pronto Uomo from Men’s Warehouse
Hair: Becky Tomb
DJ: Nobody Entertainment
Cake: Holly’s Cakes


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