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There have been a few themes for us throughout this crazy summer of beautiful weddings. First, we are realizing a very deep connection with our couples that we have never experienced before. It goes beyond photography and into something much deeper, a true and lasting friendship. And we could ride that high forever!

The other one is simple: A high chance of rain, but no rain.

Lee & Ali’s wedding is the 5th wedding (yes, we counted) this summer that has called for 80% chance of rain 2 days before the wedding and had absolutely NO rain on the wedding day! Rain is a fact of life. We accept it. But we would much rather see it clear and beautiful for our couples! And so far, that’s been the case every single time! (knock on whatever wooden item is nearby if you’re into that, please).

So when we showed up to Lee & Ali’s wedding on Saturday, we already had a lot going for us! We love Lee & Ali! We love their families! And we had a beautiful day to work with! How could anything go wrong?! And to our knowledge, nothing did!

Lee & Ali, your wedding turned out beautifully! We hope it was everything you dreamed of and more! When you return from your secret honeymoon, we hope you two will sit down and enjoy these images together and relive this amazing day! More to come soon!

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Bride’s Wedding Dress – Poinsett Bride
Cake – Brick Street Bakery
Caterer – Larkins
Ceremony Musicians – Katie Cox, Perry Houghton, Jamie Albert
DJ – Erica Berg Collective
Floral Bouquet Design – Modfete
Groom’s Apparel – Jos A Bank
Groomsmen’s Apparel – Jos A Bank
Hair Stylist – Wellarica Von Hofe
Makeup Artist – Perry Houghton
Officiant – Jake Patton
Photographers – Ryan & Alyssa Photography
Rentals – Larkins
Reception Venue – Larkins Sawmill

To see more of our Greenville wedding photography, click here!

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