Rhett & Ashlee Late Summer Engagement Greenville, SC

We were just talking to another couple of ours tonight about something called “compassion fatigue.” It’s a phrase that those in the medical field will know well. Essentially it’s a lack of compassion for something that someone is going through because of the regularity with which you deal with that same thing. For example, medical professionals who have dealt with many Covid patients over the last 6 months have to remember that the patient they are about to see is dealing with Covid for the first time.

In a sense, we all deal with some form of fatigue in our jobs. We do the same thing over and over again but others are experiencing that feeling for the first time. As wedding photographers, we have photographed over 250 weddings as a husband and wife team. We know what each other is thinking without even trying. It’s one of the factors that makes us good at our jobs. But we also have to be careful of “fatigue” thinking. We’ve seen 100 first looks. But for the groom standing in front of us, it’s his first and only first look ever. And he’s nervous. Understandably so! We can’t get caught up in thinking we’ve seen this 100 times. We have to be in that moment with our couple!

All that to say, it’s a great reminder to all of us. How does it tie into Rhett & Ashlee’s engagement session you ask? Well, when we got to meet Rhett & Ashlee for the first time in person, they were getting out of their truck for their engagement session. And as we spent 90 minutes with them, we never once had “fatigue.” They were so incredibly fun to be around. They laughed at our dumb jokes. They oooohed and aaaaahed over peeks at the back of the camera. It was like our first session all over again (except our skill level has improved of course!). We live for those moments where we are just in the moment of what we do and feel like we could do it every day forever. Like any calling, it’s not always like that, no matter how much you love what you do.

So thank you Rhett & Ashlee for giving us that gift! And we hope these images are an equal gift for you in return! Enjoy a peek at your engagement session!

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