Ryan & Deanna Twigs Tempietto Wedding

He stood on the garden path.

It was mid-October and the weather had started to cool down. His suit was a little warm. But that thought was buried deep in his mind in that moment. It seemed like a million thoughts were fighting hard for his attention. But he stayed focused.

He tried to imagine what the dress would be like. But the more he tried to imagine it, the less he could envision it. He would only have to wait for a few more seconds to find out.

The countdown started in his head. 10, 9, 8…but that didn’t slow his racing mind. If anything, more thoughts began to pull at his attention. 7, 6, 5, 4…she would be standing right behind him. He knew that much. He stood tall. 3, 2, 1…

As Ryan turned to see Deanna for the first time, the thoughts fighting for his attention faded into one: the overwhelming beauty of the woman he had chosen to marry. And she was just that: a woman. And yet she was more than that. As he twirled her around, Ryan’s heart was more sure than it had ever been that life with Deanna was going to be the best thing that would ever happen to him.

They walked down the garden path at the Twigs Tempietto wedding venue and knew that their journey would forever be one thing: together.

Ryan & Deanna, just like Deanna’s dad said, you belong together. Everyone who stood and watched you hold hands at the front of the garden and saw you dance your first dance knows you belong together. We are just honored to be able to capture your day. May it always be a day you go back to when times are tough. May it always be a day you hold close to your hearts.

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Photography: Ryan & Alyssa Photography
Venue: Twigs Tempietto
Makeup: Amanda with Cotton Rouge
Hair: Tabatha with Cotton Rouge
Bride’s Dress Boutique: New York Bride & Groom
Bride’s Dress Designer: Maggie Sottero
Bridesmaids Dresses: JCrew
Bridesmaids Jewelry: JCrew
Groom’s Suit: The Black Tux
Florist: Twigs Tempietto
Caterer: Twigs Tempietto
Cake: Brick Street Cafe
DJ: Formal Affair
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