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Social media has taken over the world. In fact, there are now over 2 BILLION social media accounts open worldwide. That’s a two followed by nine zeros folks. On Facebook, the “like” button is pushed 4.5 billion times a day. On the Twitter side of things, 500 million tweets are send out per day. And if Instagram is your thing, there are now over 300 million Instagram users. These are HUGE numbers!

We absolutely live in a digital world! Images are being shared every day all over the world through social media, through texts and through emails. As photographers, we are excited by this! We want our couples to be so excited about their engagement and wedding images that they share them everywhere! We LOVE seeing those images pop up in our news feeds!

But we are going to leave that subject for a second and circle back around later. We want to talk about something that we don’t hear about very often: the importance of tangible products. If you are a bride planning your wedding you may not have heard much about this either, but it’s extremely important! Fact: Every single one of our couples walks away with an album of their wedding day images. It’s not something they have to add. There is an album included in every collection we offer. That fact will never change. We feel strongly about this! And can we tell you something else? Our couples LOVE IT! 99% of our couples are ecstatic that are getting an album and the other 1% always comes back after they get their album and tells us that they don’t know what they were thinking when they didn’t originally think they wanted it!

Here are 3 reasons we believe that tangible products, especially albums, are SO important in this day and age.

1. The Digital World Is Always Changing

Imagine if we told you that you would be getting your wedding images from us on a floppy disk. If you don’t even know what that is, we googled it for you. The reaction you would have to that is the same reaction your kids will have when you tell them that you got your wedding images on a CD or a USB. Because in 20 years, those items will be obsolete. But you know what will still be hanging around? Your leather album full of wedding images.

2. There’s Nothing Like Holding Something In Your Hands

Think 25 years down the road. Your youngest daughter just went through the wedding process you are going through now and you just said goodbye to her as she got in the limo with her new husband on her wedding day. Now imagine you are so overjoyed and you drive home with your husband of 25 years and you want to recall what your wedding day was like. You sit on the couch together. You look up at your walls, see beautiful prints and canvases from your own wedding. You open up your album. You share laughs and tears as you recall the wonderful day you experienced 25 years ago. There is no replacement for that feeling. Clicking through images on your computer just wouldn’t be the same. There’s something about holding something in your hands, having that physical interaction with something printed, that can’t be replaced.

3. We Know From Experience

One of our goals in business is to give every single couple the experience we would want to have if we were getting married again. We don’t mean that we had a bad wedding experience. We had a GREAT wedding! But we think our couples deserve to have the BEST experience possible! As we look back at our wedding, we did a lot of things right. But our biggest regret is that we didn’t get a wedding album. That probably seems strange. Couldn’t we just go out and buy a wedding album? We order them for our couples every week. Well, yes, we probably could. But what you don’t realize right now is that once you return from your glorious honeymoon, a lot of things happen. You have to change your name. Sometimes you have to figure out where to live. Your change jobs. You go on vacation. You spend time with family and friends. Then you have kids. You go their little league games. You send them off to college. And before you know it, it’s been 20 years and it went by in a blink. Whew! We have only been married for 3 years, but we haven’t had the time to sit down and create our own album. So in order to be true to ourselves, we never want our couples to walk away without one.

Well, we said we would circle back around and here we are. We absolutely know we live in a digital world. There is no doubt about it! That’s why all of our couples walk away with their digital images. But we also believe we live in a world where tangible products still have a ton of value. That’s why every single one of our couples walks away with an album of images from their wedding day. We wouldn’t want it any other way! And if you ask our amazing couples, we believe they will tell you the same thing!


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