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There are a lot of amazing things we could say about Vince and Audrey and their Old Cigar Warehouse wedding. In fact, we had something written up. But those aren’t the words we are using for this post today. We felt like those words fell short.

You see, a week ago, we read a beautiful post on Audrey’s Instagram account and we just couldn’t get it off of our minds! It was so perfect. And so, we thought, it deserves to be seen. It fits so well with who these two are!


Audrey’s Love Letter to Her Groom

Thursday, June 9th. Audrey Strock.

“Im not sure when exactly I made the decision that I only wanted to ever date one man. I know I was young and I know it was the Lord, because I wasn’t wise enough to actually make that decision on my own. Most people didn’t understand my decision. Some told me I needed to date to find out the kind of person I wanted. But something inside me (thank you Holy Spirit) brought me through my years growing up without dating anyone. I wasn’t perfect- I’m sure I gave little pieces of my heart away, but at the core I had never given it away, never entered into a place where I was tempted to give too much of it away. The waiting wasn’t easy, but it was so incredibly rewarding.

When I started looking at colleges, I thought I wanted to go to school in California. My mind was pretty much made up, but the Lord led me to visit Anderson University in SC and swayed my heart to go there instead. There are countless little and big reasons that He sent me there of all places, but the biggest one was to draw Vince and I together at last. I wasn’t looking for anyone, but on the first day of summer orientation at Anderson, I met this goofy guy in a yellow pikachu shirt. I thought he was a little weird, but we ended up striking up a pretty great friendship. I started watching his love for the Lord grow and blossom. 6 months later he started pursuing me. 3 months after that he asked me to date him. Weeks after that he planned the most extravagant first date in history and told me he had every intention of spending his life with me. One year after that, he gave me this beautiful little ring and promised to love me forever. One year and four months after that, he got down on one knee with a ring that carries so many memories and asked me to marry him. And now, 11 months later, tomorrow, I get to become his wife.

Trust the Lord-he knows what he’s doing and his plans are always to prosper you. Sometimes you just can’t see it until you look back on the intricate way he has led you to where you are.

Vince, tomorrow may be the best day of our lives, but it is only one day. I’m so excited and thankful for it, but I am so looking forward to every single day I get to be your wife.”

How could we compete with that?!! So beautifully written. And it comes from a gorgeous heart. A heart of gold that we have had the pleasure of journeying alongside. Vince & Audrey could not be better for each other! And we wish them nothing but the very, very best in life as they follow the Lord’s leading!

Vince & Audrey, you know how much we love the two of you! Enjoy this little peak into your wedding day before you head off on your honeymoon!


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