Zac & Anna Downtown Engagement Greenville, SC

As we waited for Zac and Anna to arrive at their engagement session, we weren’t sure it was going to happen at all. You see, we hadn’t met them in person yet and this was going to be their only time in Greenville before the wedding so we had to make this day work! But the weather was looking like it might just wipe us off the face of the city at that moment! We’re taking wind rustling the trees. The angriest clouds you ever saw. A weather app telling us that rain was about to dump on us like crazy.

And then, nothing.

As if Someone decided Zac & Anna’s engagement session was supposed to happen right then and there with no more wind and rain. And in that moment, Zac & Anna appeared! It was perfect! We even got a little bit of sun later on!

And getting to know Zac & Anna as a couple was a blast. They have such a beautiful connection and we are honored to be a part of their story! More to come soon!

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