7 Tips for Relieving Wedding Planning Stress Make Planning Fun Again!

We know that wedding planning can be a slightly stressful time. That’s just a fact! And you’re not alone! But stick with us for a few minutes and you are going to be golden! We also know your time is valuable during this important time in your life, so let’s jump right in and get de-stressed!!!

Alright girl, we are here for you! We put this one first because, in our experience, it is by far the most important. If you can find and hire the right vendors for your wedding, your stress level will drop immediately! Why? High quality vendors will do their jobs right and give you confidence to check off that box. They will guide you through your journey. So find people you trust and love, and get them on your team!

Slow it down. You have more time than you think! Yes, vendors get booked. But don’t worry about it! Your wedding is going to be perfect no matter what! Do this. Prioritize your decisions from top to bottom and take them one at a time. Avoid trying to do everything at once and, before you know it, you’ll be ready to say “I Do!”

Oh we could write a book on this one! We believe every wedding needs a planner or at least a coordinator. Planning a wedding is not something you do every day. Obvious, right?! And believe it or not, you can’t learn everything from Pinterest! So bring on someone who knows how to make your wedding beautiful & perfect!

You have more on your to-do list than you’ve ever had before. And it’s counterintuitive, but now is the most important time to get out and do something. So go to yoga! Take a painting class! Try tennis lessons! Find something to do by yourself or with your fiance to keep you on your toes. You’ll come back to wedding planning feeling refreshed!

Sometimes a night out with your best friends (even if that’s your mom or sister) is just what the doctor ordered! So leave the invitation samples at home and spend a night on the town. If you really need to get away, grab a girlfriend and head to the beach for a fun weekend! Bonus suggestion: avoid talking about the wedding if you can!

When we were first engaged, we let wedding planning take over our lives. In fact, we barely had time to be together! Don’t make that mistake. You have to take breaks from planning or you’ll go crazy! Put away your technology and go on a few scheduled dates with your man. And no wedding talk! This time it’s not a suggestion!

At the end of the day, don’t forget what it’s all about. We are bombarded by images of perfect weddings and place expectations on ourselves to measure up. Don’t get sucked into the lie that every detail has to be perfect. Do your best! And then sit back and try to take in every wonderful moment you possibly can! Your marriage means more than one day!

We so hope these tips are helpful to you as you’re planning your gorgeous day! For more helpful tips for brides, see here!

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