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Imagine your perfect wedding. What first comes to mind? Is it your best friends and closest family surrounding you? Is it that walk down the aisle? Is it dancing the night away on the best day of your life? Chances are, it’s something like that! But when it comes to planning a wedding, we’ve noticed […]

Way back when we first started the #rabrides party idea, we had no idea what we were getting into. We just thought it would be cool to get our brides together and have a great time! And that first ever party was held at our house! At that time, we only invited the brides (sorry […]

How often do we find ourselves on a given Friday night wanting to take a hard-earned date night but without the energy to come up with an awesome date night idea? All. The. Time! Are we alone?! Surely not! So we had an idea: “Let’s ask our amazing community of brides to give us their […]

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