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One of the questions we get asked the most by our brides is “What do we wear to our engagement session?” We’ve totally got you covered! However, when we answer just that question, we always feel like we are leaving important information on the table. “What to wear” is just one of the important parts of your engagement […]

We know that wedding planning can be a slightly stressful time. That’s just a fact! And you’re not alone! But stick with us for a few minutes and you are going to be golden! We also know your time is valuable during this important time in your life, so let’s jump right in and get […]

Imagine your perfect wedding. What first comes to mind? Is it your best friends and closest family surrounding you? Is it that walk down the aisle? Is it dancing the night away on the best day of your life? Chances are, it’s something like that! But when it comes to planning a wedding, we’ve noticed […]

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