Alyssa | Greenville Senior Session

We don’t advertise for senior sessions so it’s rare that we get to shoot one. But if we had to choose a sweet, amazing high school senior to photograph, it would have to be Alyssa!…wait…High School Senior Alyssa, not Ryan & Alyssa Alyssa. It’s very confusing! But seriously, she is just the sweetest girl and you can see the joy written all over her gorgeous face. We know Alyssa from church and she comes from the most amazing family. AND she’s basically a Jcrew model! Don’t be surprised, guys. Just wait.

We will always remember this session. If you are following the happenings in Greenville, South Carolina then you know we have had basically monsoon season here for over a month. Greenville has become Seattle. Welcome to the new normal. But we will always remember that, after a month of not seeing the sun, the sun came out right in the middle of Alyssa’s session! And we are pretty sure it was her smile that brought it out. We are like 97% sure. So basically we think we all owe Alyssa a huge┬áround of gratitude applause for bringing out the sun!

But seriously guys, we had so much fun with Alyssa and she is just the best model! Also, a special shout out to mom for holding an 8 foot reflector to block the crazy wind. You are a champion! We love you guys!!!

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