Andy & Lindsay | Glamorous Wedding at the Poinsett Club Greenville, SC

“It was always you.”

It’s inscribed on the inside of Andy’s wedding ring. And for Andy & Lindsay, it has always been true. Ever since they got together for the first time. Even their friends and family knew it from the start. This was something special!


Stunning Bridesmaids in Gold Glitter Dresses and a Glamorous Bride

Guys! Don’t even get us started (we know – technically you didn’t, but we’re going with it) on the gorgeousness of this day, starting with the beautiful bride, Lindsay. She was stunning and her dress was storybook! But it didn’t stop there! Let’s move on to the bridesmaids and their show-stopping gold glitter dresses! So amazing! We’re pretty sure if we ever see one of the bridesmaids out and about, they will be wearing that dress. All. The. Time. Why not?!

Then there was the first look! Andy was extremely calm. And ready. Ready to marry Lindsay. Like right now! They shared a moment. And then they shared a prayer. And they were ready to get married!


That takes us to the venue, The Poinsett Club in Greenville. Such a beautiful place! And wait until you see the reception decorations! SOOO perfect (but don’t scroll yet!)!

Andy & Lindsay, we have so enjoyed this journey with you. From the crazy dog that followed us around and tried to be in your engagement photos to our hugs goodbye right before you walked out the door into your sparkler exit, it has been an absolute pleasure! We love you both and we couldn’t wait for you to sit down on the couch together and relive your day through some precious images. Enjoy!

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Band -The Erica Berg Collective
Bride’s Wedding Dress – Stella York form Carolina Traditions
Bridesmaids Dresses – Sorella Vita from Carolina Traditions
Cake – Buttercream Bakehouse
Caterer – The Poinsett Club
Ceremony Musicians – The Erica Berg Collective
Floral Design – Greg Foster
Groom’s Apparel – Men’s Warehouse
Groomsmen’s Apparel – Men’s Warehouse
Hair Stylist – Cotton Rouge
Invitations – Carlson Craft
Makeup Artist – Cotton Rouge
Officiant – Rev. Julie Schaaf
Photographers – Ryan & Alyssa Photography
Reception Decor – Greg Foster
Rentals – Professional Party Rentals
Transportation – GSP limo (day-long)/ Ray Skipper (exit)
Venue – The Poinsett Club
Wedding Planner/Coordinator – Jubilee Weddings & Events

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