Andy & Lindsay | Greenville Engagement

Boy, we have waited a long time for this post! You see, back when we first met with Lindsay & Andy, we discussed their engagement session. We always like to get an idea of the look or feel they want for their session and then we can take it from there!

Lindsay had the perfect look in her mind. She imagined a peach orchard with lots of blooms. Trees as far as the eye could see. We loved that idea! But we ran into a problem. We couldn’t find a peach orchard that would let us do an engagement session on their property (liability, law suit, you know the drill). But what we did find was an apple orchard that was more than excited for us to use their land for a beautiful session! Great! Big win for all of us!

But then there were the blossoms. We had to have perfect timing to capture them! The blossoms only stay on the trees (as we understand it, great botanists that we are) for about 2 weeks! Plenty of time right? Well, we got in touch with the owner of the orchard to get an update on when the blossoms would arrive. This was Tuesday. As it turned out, the timing was perfect! We were so excited! Let’s get this thing on the books!…that’s when he told us that, due to a frost warning in a few days, the blossoms would likely not survive the rest of the week. What?!?! We went into hyper-mode. That’s a mode right? We got in touch with Lindsay and Andy. We told them we had about 3 days to get this session done. And they were so sweet! They were on board immediately!

Fast forward to Friday. Everything had fallen into place perfectly! Lindsay & Andy arrived looking amazing and we hit the ground running! We have to say, waiting for the blossoms and then going into hyper-mode was well worth the wait!!! Check out these beautiful images! Lindsay tried to tell us that Andy has a hard time smiling in front of the camera like Chandler Bing in Friends, but Andy was amazing!!! He is far from Chandler hahaha!

Lindsay & Andy, thank you for trusting us through thick and thin. It turned out amazing and we can’t wait for you to see more! Enjoy this preview of some of our favorites!!!

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