Behind The Scenes With Ryan & Alyssa 2015

This year, we realized one important fact: We are crazy!!!

We came this new-found realization as we were looking through 1700+ behind the scenes images of us just from this year! We laughed until our abs hurt like we had just completed P90X Ab Ripper X. We got nostalgic seeing all of the fun things we got to do this year together. We had everything from Alyssa dancing with the Clemson Tiger mascot to segway tours riding right through our photos! And we immediately knew that we HAD to share these sometimes funny, sometimes ridiculous behind the scenes images with you!

If you didn’t think we had fun before, you will now!

Let’s start off with Ryan’s life as a test shot model. Sometimes goofy, sometimes loaded down like a pack mule, sometimes even eating!


But since we do the test shots, when it’s go-time, we are getting the job done!


Sometimes before the ceremony begins, we create…Photoception.


We will do whatever we have to do to get the shot! Even if that means Ryan holding up our bride’s jacket to shield part of the sun when we forget the scrim…


…or Alyssa standing on a precarious ledge among other things! She’s all in!


And can we talk about this for a second? First, who rides segways? Second, who rides their segway right through someone’s wedding pictures? Well, we present to you, “Lady On Segway With Helmet.”


Ryan likes to tell Alyssa he loves her thiiiiis much!…while he looks ever-so-pensively off to his left…


…And he never misses a chance to tell her on a wedding day! Alyssa loves you too baby! (this is actually our way of seeing if the wedding party will fit in a certain space)


We have a lot of fun with our couples and their wedding parties. We especially love the reactions we get when we put them in crazy poses they’ve never done before! But Alyssa is so sweet about it!


Tony is smiling, but inside he’s saying, “What you’re asking me to do sounds super crazy.”


And again…


But when we show them the back of our camera, the reaction is always the same. “No way! We look gooooood!”


And a very rare picture of Ryan showing the back of his camera. He likes to keep his a secret most of the time.


We can’t go on without talking about how many times we made this face…


There’s really nothing to say about this test shot…except it’s called “The Squat Shot”…Vic Arias, you know.


Our duties are not limited to taking photos! Alyssa is always straightening necklaces and hair.


Ryan is the Dressmaster. He knows what he’s doing!


Alyssa’s duties sometimes even included Babysitter!


This is Ryan as “Branch Remover.” Don’t tell the EPA!


We do a little bit of everything!


Ryan teaches photography lessons in his spare time on a wedding day. His student doesn’t look too sure just yet.


Alyssa is always helping our brides look their best!


And Ryan is always doing something important! You never know where you will find him!


Oh, and sometimes we even take a few cell phone photos! Our job on a wedding day is…well…everything!


Alyssa has a thing for dancing with the Clemson Tiger obviously. Ryan is only slightly jealous.


The Clemson Tiger also brings out the very rare Gangster Alyssa. Hollaaaaa!


Ryan does his fair share of dancing too! Cha-Cha slide? Cupid Shuffle? He’s got it locked down!


We also do a LOT of dancing around distractions. Like when we are doing portraits and there are 2 guys sitting in the alley who refuse to move no matter how close Alyssa gets to them. The show must go on!


Speaking of sitting, sometimes we even get to sit on a wedding day! Not to mention we get to take our shoes off!


…and there was that time that Ryan made a new friend.


But Alyssa doesn’t even limit herself to sitting down! Now she’s laying down on the job!


But then there’s this stance. This is photography and yoga all in one pose!


You never know where you will find Ryan hiding out.


But no matter where you find us, we will always be having a wonderful time because we love our couples and we love what do every single day!


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