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“Let’s plan a wedding!” Those are fun, even exhilarating words to say and hear. And for a good portion of our couples, that planning starts even before the actual proposal. We’ve shared this before, but in case you didn’t know, Ryan & I did just that! We picked a date and a venue before there […]

We realize that next week, Elli turns 8 months old. Annnnndddd, we’re just now sharing her birth story, and first photos. Could be second child problems. Could be the fact that we resumed weddings 3 weeks after she was born. Could be that life with 2 is pretty crazy. Or it could be that we’ve […]

There are some people you meet that just spill joy into other peoples’ lives. It’s kind of remarkable – their joy is contagious, and it infects everyone around them. That describes Dan & Leslie to a T! You’ll see in the photos below, Dan can’t stop grinning, and Leslie is either laughing, dancing, jumping, or […]

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