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Last week we had the immense pleasure of doing something we had never done before: shooting a wedding in another country! We headed down to Mexico for Steven & Kelley’s wedding in Cancun! Now last time you saw Steven & Kelley, we were doing something we had never done before: photographing an engagement session that […]

You may remember a few familiar faces from today’s blog post! Ryan & Katie were the stars of one of this years most popular posts that we shared on Instagram – their proposal at Wavering Place!!! If you need us to jog your memory, here’s the moment: It was an incredible moment and one that […]

We’re currently sitting in the airport on our way back from Kelley & Steven’s wedding in Cancun. It was a GORGEOUS way to spend this week! But there’s no place like home. And speaking of home, we couldn’t wait until we got home to share Austin & Jenna’s engagement session on the blog! Last week, […]

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