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October 19, 2019. Jonathan had been planning behind the scenes, making details fall into place without letting Katelyn in on his secret. While she was away on a work trip, he took a trip of his own to go see Katelyn’s parents. He worked closely with her mom to get the ring perfectly, just the […]

Allen had been planning for months. This fall, the family barn that had been in Mallory’s family since the 1800s had to be taken down due to age. It’s where Mallory had envisioned someday getting married, so it was an emotional task for her, Allen, and the family to help take it down. Unbeknownst to […]

As our wedding season came to a close yesterday with our last wedding of 2019, we can say with confidence that this has been as incredible year for us. We have hit so many business and personal milestones by the grace of God. We brought our son, Shiloh, into the world 4 months ago! He […]

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