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It wasn’t plan A, but it turned out to be the best plan after all. Ryan & Stephanie had planned to get married on May 2nd. You already know what happened so we won’t say the dreaded word. But they rallied together with their friends and family to make a new day become their day. […]

We’d be hard pressed to find a couple that we love more than these two. We remember the first time we met Daniel & Morgan. Daniel had just returned from Arizona, playing Alabama in the Championship game in 2016. He sat on our couch, and to be honest, as a lineman, we weren’t sure he […]

Aleks had told Anna that on their third trip to the mountains, he would pop the question. They had already been on their first mountain trip in Georgia, so when Aleks planned their trip to the mountains in Brevard, Anna started planning trip number three. They had a great time out to eat that evening, and […]

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