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Hayleigh’s mom reached out to us back in April to let us know about a little surprise proposal happening at the Biltmore House. She told us that Hayleigh had been following us for some time and really wanted us to be her wedding photographers (nothing makes us more happy or humble than hearing that!)! She […]

Lauren’s Dad turned to look around the room. He made eye contact with his wife, his sons, his 94 year old Mom seated closest to him. He continued to scan the room, seeing Lauren’s friends from elementary school all the way to college. He saw Matt’s family, and is reminded of when Matt came to […]

Lauren knew Alyssa from college; Alyssa remembers Lauren as the sweet girl with the bubbly personality, and looks to match. They played volleyball together, and even though Lauren was a few years behind Alyssa, Lauren made an impression, an impact. So when Lauren emailed earlier this year and told us she was getting married, that […]

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