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We related with Bryan & Keely right away. They are both super fun-loving and full of joy! They are both in physical therapy and they actually work at the same place. We would have absolutely no idea how to help someone recover from knee surgery but we can relate to working together! We were so so excited when they decided to use us as their wedding photographers!

99% of the time, the first time we get our couples in front of our cameras is at their engagement session. And so many times at the engagement session, we will tell our couples that they are “naturals.” No one ever believes us because they always go into the session expecting it to be hard! But with a little direction, so many of our brides and grooms just pop right into the poses and it feels so natural! Well, Bryan and Keely definitely fall into that category hands down! It seemed like we barely had to direct them and they nailed every single pose! On top of that, you could see that they were totally enjoying themselves and sometimes even forgot we were there (which we are totally ok with)!

At the end of the session, Bryan said something to us that stuck with us. It was simple, but impactful. He said, “That was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.” YES!!! 1000 times yes! That’s exactly how we want our couples to feel!!! We know that it can be intimidating. We know, sadly, not everyone is a fan of pictures. Ryan can put forth an “Amen” to that. But we can also attest that, when our couples like Bryan and Keely go into with a sweet spirit of fun, they can leave saying it was more enjoyable than they thought it would ever be. And that…that is why we do what we do!

Bryan and Keely thank you! We can’t wait to see you again soon!


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