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Will & Brady got to have one of our top favorite “how we met” stories of all time. Ready? Instagram. Will found Brady on his EXPLORE page and sent her a DM while he was in school at Clemson. And she messaged back!!! They headed into the summer, messaged a few times, and realized that […]

Ben & Kelly did the long distance game for 4 years. And 2 months before Kelly made the move to Charleston, Ben procured the most beautiful and stunning ring for her as he made plans to propose. Kelly’s family had planned to spend a week at Kiawah Island in August, and the invitation had been […]

“Let’s plan a wedding!” Those are fun, even exhilarating words to say and hear. And for a good portion of our couples, that planning starts even before the actual proposal. We’ve shared this before, but in case you didn’t know, Ryan & I did just that! We picked a date and a venue before there […]

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