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Back in January, our inbox dinged signalling an inquiry had some in. As we opened up the email, we read the following blurb from Meisha: “Like the two of you, Ben & I have a storybook, too cute to be true how we met story. Ben Is a firefighter & was on the truck that […]

They grew up in the same town, at the same school, and had always been good friends. Even though college took them in different directions (Braden to Clemson, Sydney to South Carolina), they remained close, and started dating towards the end of their college careers. Braden said it best, that their very, very close friend […]

Let us tell you a little bit about John & Erin! We met this sweet couple last summer (via Zoom, thanks you-know-what), and we’ve loved getting to know them these past few months! They met their senior year at Clemson, but graduated as just friends. They went their separate ways, him to Charlotte, her to […]

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