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We headed up the mountains of Tennessee for a special surprise proposal! It’s always such a blast to be part of the planning process of a proposal. Surprises are the best! Daniel reached out to us a while back and let us know he was planning a surprise proposal for Faith. And then…you already know…Covid. […]

Everything was perfectly planned by Chandler well in advance. He would tell Caitlin they were going out to eat with friends. Totally normal. Not going to raise suspicion. He would tell her it was going to be a nice restaurant so they would need to dress up a little bit. Fairly normal. Minimal suspicion raised. […]

Holden & Mary Helen met through mutual friends, right before Holden headed back to school. It must’ve been quite the impactful first impression, because they then spent the first 7 months of their relationship long distance, while he was at the Citadel and she was at USC. Trips are kind of their thing. Last summer, […]

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