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Ben & Kelly did the long distance game for 4 years. And 2 months before Kelly made the move to Charleston, Ben procured the most beautiful and stunning ring for her as he made plans to propose. Kelly’s family had planned to spend a week at Kiawah Island in August, and the invitation had been […]

“Let’s plan a wedding!” Those are fun, even exhilarating words to say and hear. And for a good portion of our couples, that planning starts even before the actual proposal. We’ve shared this before, but in case you didn’t know, Ryan & I did just that! We picked a date and a venue before there […]

Her best friend, and one of his childhood friends took Bethany to get coffee while they were working on their analytics project their senior year at Elon. They dropped the bomb, “we found the guy you’re going to marry!” Bethany said absolutely not, but these two friends convinced her to attend a party Wil was […]

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