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The phone rang on Tuesday morning. It was Chris, who decided spur of the moment to change his original plans, and instead, propose to his sweet girlfriend, Sophia, during their impromptu weekend away in Greenville. You see, downtown Greenville is where they first met 2 years ago, the scene of their first date, and the […]

Matt & Susannah’s story began at Furman University. But they were just great friends the duration of their time at school! Never dated in college, but their friend group afforded them the opportunity to get to know each other better without the pressures of a relationship status. It wasn’t until after graduation, when Susannah moved […]

We met TJ & Olivia for the first time one week before their engagement session on top of Glassy mountain in the peak of this gorgeous fall season. Just a few weeks after their engagement. But months after we had already been secured for their day. Towards the beginning of 2022, we received a call. It […]

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