Cord & Alex Cliffs at Glassy Engagement Landrum, SC

We never really left.

But we DID have a baby!

So if you think we ever left, we are officially back! We have so many weddings and engagement sessions in the next few months, we have almost NO weekend days off until December! Ahhh we can’t wait!

Cord & Alex’s engagement session is our first since our little boy Shiloh was born! We were so excited to get these two in front of our cameras last week and we know they were excited too! From the first time we met with them, we were hoping to hear back from them right away because they seemed like such a great fit. They are lovable. They are fun. And they trusted us to make their day perfect! A winning combination if there ever was one.

And speaking of winning, their engagement session killed! We may have had reschedule twice to get them there, but it always works out. Cord & Alex were so comfortable together in front of the cameras up on the mountain. We couldn’t wait to show them off so here they are! Enjoy!

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