Ross & Emily Downtown Greenville Engagement Greenville, SC

It’s really incredible to us how many of our couples we feel like we could just hang out with on a daily basis and never run out of things to do or talk about! We are so blessed to have “the right people.” That’s what this business is all about for us!

Do we love photography? Of course! Do we love creating beautiful images? Yes! But the truth is that without the right people, this would be nothing more than a job. Instead, it’s our calling. We get to capture these couples in some of the best, most exciting times of their lives! Not only that, we get to (or at least we try to!) be a blessing to them along the way in making their wedding experience one that they will remember. Having the right people gives us the energy to get up every day and work nonstop!

Ross & Emily are “the right people.” There is no doubt! They are kind. They are sweet. And they are genuine. They are truly joyful as a couple. They are beautiful inside and outside. How could we not enjoy being around them?! Their engagement session made us SO much more excited for their wedding next year and we couldn’t wait to share a little peek of their engagement session last week!

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