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Both Daniel & Morgan are wearing their late Grandparent’s and Great Grandparent’s wedding bands as their own. What a testament that is to the strength of family and heritage that this couple shares! Rarely have we been a part of a wedding where two families truly seemed to become one before our very eyes. But with Daniel & Morgan, there was never a doubt.

We knew something about Morgan & Daniel’s families from the second we met these two. We knew they came from good homes with strong values. As they told us about their current lives, we began to understand the people who had raised two such amazing kids. Daniel was about to head off to Glendale, Arizona as a part of the Clemson Tigers football team going to the BCS National Championship! And as he talked about his experiences with the team, we immediately knew he had grown up with parents who had taught him hard work and sacrifice. And as Morgan told us about her job and her dreams for the future, we knew she had been raised by two parents that taught her the value of pursuing your dreams and never giving up.

As we got to know Daniel & Morgan further during their engagement session, we were more and more impressed. In fact, they told us they wanted to choose the right vendors for their wedding and plan everything just right because they wanted to pave the way for their friends (which, as we learned on the wedding day, their friends are amazing!). These two kids are leaders. And that quality doesn’t come without teaching.

As we observed Daniel & Morgan’s beautiful wedding day, our suspicions were confirmed. Two amazing sets of parents. Two fantastic, close-knit families. A legacy and heritage of great values. And now a marriage that we know will be another amazing step in their lives.

Morgan & Daniel, you know how much we love you two. From our first meeting, we knew you were going to be a perfect fit in the #rabrides family. You two are taking the world by storm and we can’t wait to hang out with you and see what you’re doing next! Your wedding was gorgeous. Your friends are spectacular. Your families were a blessing all day long. And we wish you two the absolute best! If you enjoy this small preview of images as much as we enjoyed being a part of your wedding, we know you will love them!!!

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Bride’s Wedding Dress – Kitty Chen from Dimitra Designs
Bridesmaids Dresses – Dimitra Designs
Bride’s Jewelry – Tiffany & Co. ring owned by Morgan’s Great-Great Grandmother
Bride’s Shoes – Nine West
Cake – Holly’s Cakes
Caterer – Saffron’s
Ceremony Decor – Twigs
Ceremony Musician- John Gentry
Coordinator – Emily Peck
DJ – The Party Machine
Floral Design – Twigs
Groom’s Apparel – Dimitra Designs
Groomsmen’s Apparel – Dimitra Designs
Hair – Erica Wilbanks from Eclipse Salon
Invitations – InvitationsByDawn
Officiant – Rev. Dr. Gibbons
Photographers – Ryan & Alyssa Photography
Reception Venue – The Old Cigar Warehouse
Transportation – Whispering Winds Carriage Company
Videographer – Max Huggins and Kevin Collins

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