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If you follow our blog even at all, you know we LOVE introducing our gorgeous couples and their stories to the world as we share their engagement session! However, if you’re a Clemson football fan, this next couple probably needs no introduction. In fact, if you are a fan of college football at all or you watched any of the College Football Playoff this year, you might even recognize Daniel & Morgan from their actual engagement! Still not ringing a bell? Maybe this video will jog your memory!


So fun! If you think that’s one of the sweetest engagements you’ve ever seen, we absolutely agree! To say that being a college football player on a team that went to the National Championship and getting engaged in uniform to his girl on the sidelines on Senior Day adds up to a great year for Daniel & Morgan, would be quite the understatement!

But if think that’s the end of the story, well, you should rethink that.

Take away the fact that Daniel & Morgan became instant Clemson celebrities. Take away all of the football awesomeness they got to experience this year. And what you get is a sweet, amazing couple who want nothing more than to laugh together. Despite your possible idea of what a 6’5″, 285 lbs. lineman might be like, Daniel is one of the sweetest, most respectful grooms we have ever had. That’s not an overstatement! And Morgan? Oh, where do we begin with this sweetheart? In the hours that we have already enjoyed with these two, we have yet to hear her say a negative word. Ever. In fact, during our timeline meeting with Daniel & Morgan, Daniel said something we will never forget:

“We feel like you guys have been our anchor. You have been our rock during this process and we couldn’t be more thankful.” Like we said, a sweet and respectful guy.

So when it came time for their engagement session, we couldn’t wait! And it did not disappoint! When we mixed perfect weather, a perfect location, and a gorgeous couple that we just couldn’t wait to hang out with, well, the results are amazing! Daniel & Morgan’s session has become one of our favorites to date!

Daniel. Morgan. We love you guys so, so much. We love your commitment to each other, adore the sweet glances and touches you exchanged when you thought we weren’t looking, and we are so excited for you as you plan the start to your forever, together! Thank you for braving the gail-force winds with us haha! We had the best of times with you two! We canNOT wait for your wedding in a few short months and we hope you adore these images forever!

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