Drake & Abbie Old Mill Engagement Greenville, South Carolina

Ok Greenville, we get it! You want to people to continue to talk about your weather and say, “Well you just never know what you’re going to get with Greenville!” But you’ve done enough. You win! We truly never know what we are going to get with you. Because here we are in the middle (actually over halfway) of October and you still want it to be summer. But as much as we love swimming weather, we have all moved on. We want yellow and orange leaves. We want candy corn! Bring on the pumpkin spice everything!…errr…scratch that last one (whoever that pumpkin spice salesman is, he’s doing his job right!). We are ready for Fall. Autumn. Sub-60 degree temperatures please! And thank you! Anybody else feel us?!

We want our awesome couples like Drake and Abbie to be able to wear their fall outfits without dying of heat stroke! Ok so it really wasn’t that hot. But Drake in his half-zip pullover sweater might tell you otherwise. Haha! The good news? You can look at these pictures below and never know it was 85 degrees instead of 55 degrees. And at the end of the day that’s what really matters. But we’re keeping an eye on you, Greenville. Don’t keep us waiting much longer!

Seriously, though, Drake & Abbie made our day. We knew from getting to know them that they were going to be so fun. And they came through big time! We can’t tell you how rewarding it is to have couples that feel more like friends than paid clients. It gets us out of bed in the morning. It challenges us to be better. For them. And Drake & Abbie are that couple. Sweet. Loving. Roll-with-anything. And you can see it all over their faces. Did we still tell our 5th-grade level jokes to get a few genuine smiles and laughs? OF COURSE! Ryan takes that job very seriously! But we probably didn’t need too many more smiles than Drake & Abbie provided on their own. These two are well-loved. We already know that. And we can’t wait to see the outpouring of love for them on their wedding day! It will be here before we know it, but until then, enjoy this little preview of their session!

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