Evan & Hannah | Engagement

Love always finds a way. Even in a sea of 18,000 students, love charts its own unique path.

It was the first day of Philosophy class at Appalachian State University. Hannah walked through the classroom doors and took the seat closest to the door, standard procedure for her on the first day of classes. The seats were in a horseshoe shape. Evan took the seat directly across from Hannah. The two had never met, yet they exchanged glances across the room. They both felt a quick sense of attraction, but class started and the busyness of college life went on.

A few semesters passed. Evan and Hannah found themselves in Statistics class together. A brief memory of their time in Philosophy class still lingered. Hannah found herself sitting right behind Evan and they shared a few quick conversations throughout the semester. Then on the day of the final exam, something changed. Another conversation took place, but this one was different. The words exchanged were nothing out of the ordinary. But Hannah couldn’t stop thinking about how easy it was to talk with Evan. He carried the conversation. He asked questions about her. Evan was thinking what a sweet girl Hannah was. He noticed how beautiful her eyes were, even in the glow of the classroom lights. Life was never going to be the same.

Before they knew it, they were on their first date. What they didn’t realize is that they were on their last first date! Evan paid for the meal with a gift card, but Hannah didn’t care! Anyone who was already comfortable enough with her to pay for their meal with a gift card was a keeper indeed! Besides, what are broke college kids supposed to do? Evan continued to be the man of Hannah’s dreams. Valentines Day came. Evan was so sick, he could barely move. But he still managed to make it special for the two of them. That’s when Hannah knew they had something that was going to last.

It was in New York City, a place that Hannah had wanted to go for years, that Evan asked that legendary question. They took a carriage ride through Central Park (oh my word, how awesome?!) after Thanksgiving dinner. They were wrapped up in blankets to keep warm from the chilly New York air. Evan pulled out all of the stops, said all of the sweetest things about Hannah, then got down on one knee.

Well, you know the rest. And here we are! We are so honored and joyful to be a part of Evan and Hannah’s¬†storybook! And we were so thrilled to go back to where it all began, Appalachian State University (or “App State” for all the cool kids) for their engagement photos. Evan and Hannah, enjoy this quick highlight!

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