James & Caroline Downtown Engagement Greenville, SC

They met online, and connected over their mutual love for cooking. In fact, on Caroline’s weekends off, they love finding new recipes and cooking together. Caroline excels at finding new recipes to try and James adds in the staples he’s been cooking for years. They’re the perfect compliment to one another!

Speaking of cooking, it had its own shining moment in their proposal!

At the end of October, James had made early dinner reservations for a nice date night on Caroline’s weekend off. He pulled up to her house to pick her up for dinner (in the BMW!), dressed to the nines. And immediately she knew. He walked into the house, got down on one knee, and proposed to Caroline. She said yes!

Then he revealed his true plans. Instead of a nice date night downtown, he had taken the day off of work, and made his homemade eggplant parmesan from scratch. It’s an all day process, but worth it to celebrate with his new fiance. He knew it was her most favorite meal, and it was waiting for them back at his place. How sweet is that?!

We love that their mutual love of cooking has played a big part in their love story! Spending time with James & Caroline was the best way to end 2020 for us, and we can’t wait to celebrate them come April! Enjoy this sneak peek, you two!

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