Our Favorite Wedding Images Of 2020

Well folks, we made it to a new year! We didn’t think that would be such an accomplishment for us a year ago. But here we are. No one had any idea what 2020 would bring (as is the case every year), but we certainly weren’t prepared. That being said, we are so blessed to say that we didn’t lose a single wedding to Covid in 2020. Every single wedding happened or has been moved to 2021, but we will get to see each one get married! And that…that is something for which to be supremely thankful. We are. We truly are. So today we are highlighting some (emphasis important) of our favorites from 2020 weddings! It’s impossible to include nearly as many as we would like, and every wedding was incredibly special to us, but here is our best effort to show you what an amazing year we had!

*See our favorites from 2016 and 2017 and 2018, and 2019 as well! It’s becoming a real blast from the past!*

To all of our couples from 2020, we sincerely thank you! Some of you didn’t even know we would be your photographer until everything went crazy and we stepped in. Thank you for trusting us. We hope you find your pretty faces in here, but also enjoy seeing all of the other brides who were planning right along side of you and you never even knew it! We hope 2021 is an amazing year for you!

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