Justin & Sarah Downtown Engagement Greenville, SC

We will be completely open and honest. We’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed over the last few weeks. Normally by the time we reach December we are winding down the year, tying up loose ends, and making our goals for next year. Our house is usually getting put back together after a whirlwind of activity from April to November.

BUT, this year is different! By a Plan greater than ours, we have 4 weddings in December. We’ve NEVER had more than 2 in December. Throw Thanksgiving, decorating for Christmas, and all of the Christmas responsibilities at our church in the mix and–well–you get it. It’s been a lot! And if you think after photographing 120+ weddings over the last 5 years that we don’t feel nervous anymore, not true!!! Every time we pull our cameras out and get one of our couples in front of them we feel some pressure. We want a perfect result and experience for everyone and that’s a lot to ask day in and day out with a no-breaks, we’ll-sleep-when-we’re-50 kind of schedule!

All that to say, it’s been an adventure that we love! But it’s been exhausting at the same time.

Then Justin & Sarah come walking down the steps to meet us for their engagement session. And for a couple of hours, they made us forget about everything we had going on! We had met Sarah a month or so ago and we knew she was a sweetheart. We hadn’t met Justin, but we instantly knew he was awesome. And it only got better from there!

Ryan & Justin were already talking about playing golf (shocking, we know!) and we could hang out with these two all day! It just made us so excited for their wedding next year and it will be here before we know it!

*Side note: Sarah has an amazing fashion blog and she wrote their engagement story here so go check that out because it’s a great story!*

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