Marriage Undergrad Degree

Frame the diploma! Don the regalia! Throw the caps! We did it! We completed our 4 year marriage undergrad degree!

Ok so not really. But today is our 4th anniversary! We are so excited that it feels like we graduated from something!!! Marriage has really been the best thing we have ever experienced in life. Maybe it’s because we spend literally 24 hours a day together. Literally. Or maybe it’s in spite of that fact. But even when life is not easy and it seems like the cards are stacked against us some days, we always make it through together.

We tell each other at least once a day, “One day at a time.”

How else can we live life after all? But we always need to be reminded. Don’t let the pressures of tomorrow overwhelm you today. Take one day at a time. The principle applies in every area and time of life! For our engaged couples ready to get married tomorrow, don’t wish away the memories you can make today. For the married couples with kids and overwhelmed by responsibility, we can’t even understand yet. But we do know that everyone says they will grow up so fast. Don’t look back and wish you hadn’t wasted today.

One day at a time we made it through 4 years. But we don’t feel like we just “made it.” We feel like we thrived! The Lord has blessed our marriage in amazing ways we never imagined. And we want to be a blessing to others’ marriages! No doubt, that’s why we love every second of what we do every day with our couples. And Lord-willing, we will thrive in everything we are called to do for the next 50 years of marriage too! That’s a lot of degrees!

But hey, we still have so much to learn.


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