Tyler & Michelle | Columbia Wedding

From the moment we walked into the Lace House in downtown Columbia and were met with a big smile and huge hug from Michelle, we knew last Saturday was going to be an amazing day!

You see, 10 days before Tyler & Michelle’s wedding, the all-reliable Wether Channel said it was 100% chance of rain on Saturday. We know how quickly those reports can change, so we told Michelle not to worry! 5 days before. 80% chance. No worrying yet. 80% is better than 100%!

Saturday morning. 0% chance. Blue skies. Perfect! And we couldn’t have been happier for Tyler & Michelle. We knew how much it was on their minds. We knew we would feel the same if it was our wedding. And we knew how excited they would be to see that it was going to be a perfect day!

Right after Michelle hugged us, we caught a glimpse of the bouquets and we almost died. They were so gorgeous! And that theme continued throughout the day. The bridesmaids were (are) beautiful. The venue was beautiful. And the hearts of Tyler & Michelle are beautiful! See for yourself!

Tyler, Michelle, when we did your engagement session in Charleston, we fell in love with you two! You were meant for each other. And we loved everything about your wedding! Michelle, right before you ran out into your sparkler exit, you asked us if your wedding was “a good one.” Without a shadow of a doubt, girl. It was beautiful!!! But the most important thing to remember is that, no matter what, you and Tyler are partners in life now. Hold each other tight. Never let go. And by all means, enjoy this highlight of your gorgeous day!!!

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Bride’s Wedding Dress – Stella New York from Gown Boutique of Charleston
Bridesmaids Dresses – David’s Bridal
Bride’s Shoes – Betsy Johnson
Cakes – The Cake Professor
Caterer – Capital City Catering
Ceremony Decor – Fern Floral & Event Design
Ceremony Musicians – Big Time Entertainment
Coordinator – Kelly Renee Weddings
DJ – Bridal DJs
Floral Design – Fern Floral & Event Design
Groom’s Apparel – Belk
Groomsmen’s Apparel – Belk
Hair Artist – Process. A Hair Salon
Makeup Artist – Sarah Robertson
Officiant – Gowdy Cannon
Photographers – Ryan & Alyssa Photography
Reception Decor – Fern Floral & Event Design
Venue – The Lace House

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