Matt & Chloe Downtown Engagement Greenville, SC

You’ve never seen two happier people in your life.

You can’t spend two minutes with Matt & Chloe without at least smiling if not full on laughing! They came all the way from Denver, Colorado to see family for Christmas. We were able to meet them in person and photograph their engagement session. We were so honored to be a small part of their trip! And boy did they dress up for the occasion! They only wore one outfit, but it might be our favorite engagement session outfit to date! Chloe’s dress was perfect and Matt’s suit/tie combination (which coordinated perfectly with Chloe) was GQ-worthy! And an added bonus, we got to visit some of our favorite downtown locations with these models. Win win!

We can’t wait for their wedding in April and this engagement session just makes us even more excited to them again!

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