Our Favorite Wedding Images Of 2019

Welcome to new decade! The 20’s are here and we can’t believe it. 2019 flew by. It’s cliche. We know. But hey, it was an incredible year of ups and downs. We had some personal milestones like our first baby being born. We had some exciting business achievements like hiring our first employee. But today is not about us. Today is an opportunity to look back on a year of love. 2019 was full of gorgeous weddings and beautiful couples. You will scroll through this post, admiring the beauty. But you never know the hard work that so many put into these images! None of this would be possible without our brides and all of the planning they do. Hundreds of hours are represented by each image. The incredible vendors who made these weddings happen deserve all the credit in the world!

*See our favorites from 2016 and 2017 and 2018 as well!*

So to all of our couples from 2019, we sincerely thank you for making it the best year yet! We hope you find your pretty faces in here, but also enjoy seeing all of the other brides who were planning right along side of you and you never even knew it! We hope 2020 outdoes every year you’ve ever had!

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