Our Favorite Wedding Images Of 2022 Greenville & Surrounding Areas

Greenville, oh Greenville. What a wonderful wedding season it has been. Seeing our beautiful city (and the surrounding areas!) in all seasons, visiting an assortment of venues, and photographing sweet couples in love seals the deal in our minds that we have the best job there is. And this blog post should reinforce that!

As we prepare to wrap up a fabulous 2022 (and celebrate in the best way with an epic NYE wedding!), we’re taking a moment to stop and reflect on the year. It was a busy, busy year. 25 couples trusted us to be a part of their intimate, emotional moments. The joyful ones. The ones fill with tears. We bear witness to the happiest and hardest moments on a wedding day. The dichotomy of both serves to deepen the relationship between us and our couples. That forged bond means we walk out with lifelong friends, and we’re forever grateful!

There were lots of hugs and LOTS of photos taken. 74,057 to be exact. (That’s just from weddings. And there’s still one more wedding left for the year haha!) Whether it was a 50 person celebration or 350 person fete, witnessing each of our couples say I Do and commit to each other is by far the best thing about what we do.

A few more stats from this wedding season: we worked with 15 unique wedding planners and coordinators. Some of which we saw quite a few times this season. There’s nothing like continually working with highly skillful people you love and respect to pull off fantastic wedding days for couples every weekend. These planners are worth their weight in gold!

This was also the year of the DOGGIES! At least 5 weddings this season, we’ve shown up to sweet dogs of all ages decked out for the big day. Whether they were there simply to hug and give kisses/support on the day, or if they played a big role in walking down the aisle, seeing our couples’ pups brought so much joy. To us, and everyone there to witness it!

*See our favorites from 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 (apparently we skipped 2021! whoops) as well! It’s becoming a real blast from the past!*

To all of our couples from 2022, we sincerely thank you! We know looking at this blog post, you’re going to see all of the pretty. But we pray it sparks joy. Thankfulness. And infuses you with love for your spouse and all you’ve been through this year. Thank you for trusting us. We hope you find your pretty faces in here, but also enjoy seeing all of the other couples who were planning right along side of you and you never even knew it! Here’s to 2023!

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