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We truly believe that since the start of this business, our hearts have never been so full. And yes, after a three-wedding weekend, our bodies are feeling it too. But that exhaustion pales in comparison with the joy that fills our hearts from working with the amazing couples and their families this past weekend! As we were driving to Cheryl & Pip’s wedding (our first of the three), we had a conversation. This was the basic gist of it.

When the Lord gave us three weddings in one weekend, He knew how taxing that would be. But He also knew the exact right couples to schedule in that weekend and He nailed it!

Pip & Cheryl are one of the huge reasons for that feeling! Ever since the first time Cheryl and her mom, Mrs. Power (we call her “Momma P” around our house, true story!) we knew this was a match made in heaven. We didn’t get to meet Pip until later, but we knew if he was part of this family, he would be a gem as well! We have so enjoyed working with them and their families all throughout this entire process. We don’t think there are sweeter people in the world!

So when it came to Pip & Cheryl’s wedding day, we knew we were in for a special treat! Their wedding had a distinct family vibe to it that made everyone feel right at home and comfortable right from the start. We were all part of the family! From the moment we walked in the door until Pip & Cheryl drove off into the night as husband and wife, we truly enjoyed every second of the day and we couldn’t be happier for them! Pip & Cheryl (and families), thank you for letting us be a part of your family for the day and we truly hope you love these images! And as Pip’s brother said, “May this be the day you love each other the least!”

P.S. Special shoutout to Momma P, who we are told reads our blog every day! Thank you Momma P! You are loved in the Nichols house!

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Photography: Ryan & Alyssa Photography

Venue: The Old Cigar Warehouse
Planner/Coordinator: Jennifer Dennis of Love This Little City
Makeup/Hair: Katie Cotton of Cotton Rouge
Flowers: Fairytale Florist
Bride’s Dress: Mori Lee from Carolina Traditions
Bridemaids Dresses: Allure from Dimitra Designs
Groom/Groomsmen Suit: Allure from Thomas & Sons
Invitations: Just Write By Nan
Ceremony/Cocktail Hour Music: Wirewood
DJ: The Party Machine
Catering: Chef 360
Cake: Gretchen’s ABS Cakes
Transportation: Greenville Town Car Service


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